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Apple, the story of two young men, a great idea and a garage...

That, and how to kickstart a computer-revolution. :-)

A good site to read about all the different machines they built is Apple-History.com.

Visit their homepage
PowerBook Duo 2101992Laptop
Macintosh LC1990Home computer
Power Macintosh G31997Home computer
Mac Mini2006Home computer
PowerMac G41999Home computer
Macintosh SE/301989Home computer
iBook G30000Laptop
][0000Home computer
IIe0000Home computer
III0000Home computer
PowerBook 1000000Laptop
PowerBook 1400000Laptop
PowerBook 145B0000Laptop
PowerBook 1600000Laptop
PowerBook 5300cs0000Laptop
Macintosh 512K0000Home computer
Newton H10000000PDA
Newton Messagepad 1200000PDA
PowerBook 540c0000Laptop